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Earn your BSA Kayaking Merit Badge

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Finding a Counselor for the Kayaking Merit Badge

For me getting my Kayaking Merit Badge, the hardest part was finding a counselor.

I asked my scout master for help in finding a merit badge counselor. There weren't any on the list he had. We called our local council, but didn't have any luck there either. Luckily, the scout camp my troop was planning on going to this year offers the kayaking merit badge, so I just decided to wait to get it at scout camp.

We don't know all the camps that offer the kayaking merit badge, but we started a a list of scout camps that offer the badge.

There are also several companies that will help you earn the kayaking merit badge. These companies are usually places that do kayaking instruction for the general public, and have one or more registered merit badge counselors. It will cost you money, but they provide the equipment, which is a big plus if you don't want to spend several hundred dollars buying a kayak, a paddle, a pfd, etc. We started a list of companies that can help you earn your kayaking merit badge.

Both lists are still very incomplete. If you used a company or attended a scout camp that offers the kayak merit badge, so we can add it to the list. Thanks!